Improve Indoor Air Quality – Increase Comfort – Save Energy

Energy Conservation Specialists of Connecticut (ECS) are certified building performance and energy experts for buildings and homes. If you want to make your space more comfortable and healthier while you reduce energy and save money or if you are looking to meet building code requirements, improve the functioning and life of your HVAC system, or if you want to test and weatherize your home through a Whole-Home Energy Audit, then the experts at ECS are the ones you want to call.

Since 2010 ECS has been helping homeowners, commercial property owners, building and HVAC contractors, assess the best means for saving energy and improving building performance. Since that time, building codes have become tighter (and will again in the spring of 2016) and new technologies have been introduced to help meet these increasingly stringent requirements. At ECS we are kept updated and licensed to offer some of the latest and greatest innovations in energy efficiency.

Our company (ECS Aeroseal LLC.) is both residentially and commercially licensed as Aeroseal installers and we have personally used the Aeroseal process in HUD projects and municipality work, LEED and energy star projects as well as upwards of 200 residential systems per year. All ECS employees hold at least two BPI certifications. Prior to forming ECS, our partner’s backgrounds included virtually all aspects of construction, cumulatively building or overseeing the construction of 10,000+ homes and buildings.