This is the First Blog

"Words build bridges to unexplored regions"

"Words build bridges to unexplored regions"

This is the first blog. Ultimately this will take the form of a newsletter but because we are in the throes of creation (neither website or newsletter are complete) this first couple will be in the form of a blog. One of the reasons for this is that so much has occurred in a short amount of time that I need to put some of it to paper. Eventually this will become more of a site to give and receive feedback from our customers, employees, and our HVAC partners. And in turn less of site for announcements which the newsletter will take on. But for now....

Some of the events that we cover in following blogs are:

  1). Aeroseal Convention - 10/1/2015  Several announcements were made at the Aeroseal Success Summit, a three-day event attended by more than 200 Aeroseal dealers and Comfort Institute members from across the U.S. and Canada. Covered in Blog #2    

   2). Going Retail- 11/28/2015  On and in conjuction with small business Saturday we expanded our office to include retail space. Covered in Blog #3  

   3). Home Energy Solutions (HES)- 12/7/2015 Application and acceptance into the HES program for Eversource and United Illuminating. Covered in Blog #4

  4). Grand and official opening of our retail Space- 1/21/2016 Announcement and details to come. Will be covered Blog #4 and Newsletter #1