Blog #2


 A new building envelope sealing technology designed to seal the outer shell of homes and buildings was unveiled at the first annual Aeroseal Success Summit. According to Aeroseal, the new technology is the first automated system used to effectively find and seal air leaks in building structures.

The technology’s unveiling was one of several announcements made at the Aeroseal Success Summit, a three-day event attended by more than 200 Aeroseal dealers and Comfort Institute members from across the U.S. and Canada. The new envelope sealing technology was introduced by Dr. Mark Modera. According to Modera, the new technology could be available for commercial use later next year.

Also showcased at the Success Summit was a new duct sealing system from Aeroseal called Mobile PRO. Combining the flexibility of Aeroseal’s new wireless duct sealing system with a pre-assembled equipment trailer, Mobile PRO is designed for fast and simple setup of each duct sealing job.The operation can be operated and managed with a wireless tablet.According to Aeroseal, the new Mobile PRO system can increase productivity by 30 percent or more, saving time and increasing profitability.

Another big announcement came during the first breakfast get-together when we learned that Aeroseal and BPI had joined in a strategic partnership The basic takeaway is that these two powerhouses have now joined forces to secure the first undisputed leadership position in the emerging home performance market.

Aeroseal LLC, the owner and licensee of aeroseal duct sealing technology has acquired Comfort Institute (CI), a leading provider of home performance equipment and training for the HVAC industry. The acquisition combines the two organization’s expertise to immediately create the HVAC industry’s most complete and authoritative outlet for home performance training and ongoing professional support. Because of this alliance the convention had almost 3 days of very informative and helpful workshops. 

“The summit delivered exactly what we hoped to get from the event,” said ECS’s Tucker Henne, who made the trip from Connecticut. One of the most valuable aspects of the conference was just having the opportunity to speak with other Aeroseal dealers from around the country. I picked up lots of great ideas and feel pumped for a great year ahead.”