Blog #3



On November 28, 2015 we expanded our offices to include a retail space showcasing products to help improve our indoor air quality.To go along with our commitment to IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) we can now offer at the retail level indoor air purifiers and space heaters, We have aquired a line of air purifiers from Sweden called BLUE AIR. Truly the best in thier class.We will be selling these on line and at our store.  For a number of years we have been offering whole house systems through AERUS and now we can offer all these products at our store at 519 Heritage road in Southbury, CT. In the future we will also be showcasing them on our website. For further information hit the link below or contact us.

We have also recently acquired an indoor air testing device called "AIR ADVICE". This will do an air sampling in an hour or a more comprehensive test of 48 hours. In most cases we will do a 60 minute test for free. This will generate a report covering six parameters CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Temperature, Humidity, VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), and Particles (pollen, Dust, etc.). If any of these measures are out of range our experts have recommendations and solutions.